Senior Night Bios


Below you will find the questionnaire that needs to be filled out for Your Senior Night.

These are to be submitted by October 4th.

  • All information will be reviewed and is not guaranteed to be announced

Senior Night Bio 2019

Bio form for Football, Cheer, Chiefette and Band Members.
  • Check the appropriate box for your Group.
  • Name and Relationship of person escorting.
  • Name and Relationship of person escorting.
  • List of clubs/organizations that you currently belong to or have belonged to while at MHS and how many years. i.e., Beta Club - 4 yrs
  • Who has been your favorite teacher at MHS and how have they inspired you?
  • List your clubs/organizations that you participate in outside of school.
  • Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
  • Very short description of most embarrassing moment in your sport.
  • Favorite memory from your sport.
  • What words of advice would you pass on to the underclassmen?