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McIntosh High School Football – Fall 2021 Season

The McIntosh football team is an integral part of the McIntosh High School community.  Our program influences young men to become physically, mentally and spiritually strong as they journey through the challenges of teenage years. Head Coach, Lee Belknap believes “the greatest classroom the boys can experience is on the football field”.  He also believes the trials experienced in physical development, mental training and game situations relate to and are key to teaching our kids how to handle real life situations and the benefits of teamwork. There are opportunities to earn and grow in leadership and through working together as a team, be more prepared to launch into the world while creating lifelong memories.

We welcome you to the McIntosh football organization and encourage you to review the following information about team operations.

The McIntosh football team is supported by the McIntosh high school staff, the Fayette County Board of Education and the McIntosh football booster club known as the Touchdown Club.  While the Fayette County Board of Education contributes a percentage of funds to all Fayette county high school football organizations, most of the funding for the football program comes from Touchdown Club fundraising efforts.


Touchdown Club Information Resources

  • The main information resource for the Touchdown Club is com> Fall > Boys Football > Varsity (multiple tabs here but “More” has a lot of additional details)
    • Sign up for “Alerts” at the bottom of the page to receive up-to-date information through VNN
  • Facebook group: search McIntosh Chiefs Football Touchdown Club. There is also a page called “McIntosh Chiefs Football” ran by fans.
  • Instagram : Search Mcintosh_Chiefs_Touchdown_Club
  • Twitter: Search @Mcintoshclub


Touchdown Club Meeting Schedule

  • The Touchdown Club generally meets the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of every month from April through November at 7:00 p.m. in the Senior Cafeteria
  • Tentative dates: April 13th, May 4th, June 8th, July 13th, August 3rd, Sep 7th, Oct 5th, Nov 2nd
  • Updates will be communicated through the Facebook page


Game Schedule, Spring & Summer Practice Schedule

  • All scheduled events are posted on the web site: com > Fall > Boys Football > Varsity > under the ‘More’ tab
  • Games and events will also be posted on the team Facebook and Instagram pages


McIntosh Football Program Financial Information

The Touchdown Club raises money through several fundraising activities in which all football players and families are expected to participate.  Without these fundraising efforts, the football team could not operate.  It is the purpose of the Touchdown Club to support Coach Belknap, his staff, the football players and the football organization through financial contributions.  Money raised goes towards a number of areas such as player meals, team transportation, field maintenance, films, supplemental coaching salaries, etc.


Each player is responsible for the following fees:


PLAYER PACK FEE:  Estimated $300 – $500

  • Varies depending on items are ordered
  • There are five (5) mandatory items: Chiefs practice jersey, Chiefs team pants, Chiefs green pullover, field shoes and guardian cap.  Sweats are an optional item available here this year
  • Purchase through com > Fall > Boys Football > Varsity > under the ‘More’ tab
  • Orders delivered to McIntosh and distributed to players by football staff members



  • Each player is required to purchase 40 Discount Cards at a cost of $400 due up front
  • As cards are sold, the player/family can keep the money earned from their sales making this no cost to the family if all cards are sold
  • Players will actually receive 44 cards which allows an additional $40 to be recovered
  • Discount Cards are a popular item throughout the community and advertise a wide variety of local businesses and services offering discounts to anyone using the card
  • A player may request additional Discount Cards to sell and the Touchdown Club will split the $10 sale 50/50 per card sold – 50% ($5.00) to the player / 50% ($5.00) to the Touchdown Club general fund


Team / Player Photos:

  • July 22 – Team photos and optional photography packets for player purchase
  • Senior Banners and Fat Heads will be provided free of charge to senior players


Fee Tally

Player Pack $ 300 – $ 500 (estimated) Required
Discount Cards $ 400 Required & Reimbursable
Team / Player Photos Varies Optional


A payment plan to cover football expenses is available through the Touchdown Club.  If you would like to discuss further, please contact Aude Stewart at


Contact Information for the Touchdown Club:

President: Brian Fisher 770-891-6561
Vice-President: Keith Jackman 312-618-7653
Secretary: Jeret Elwell 404-702-2400
Treasurer: Aude Stewart 770-634-2324

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