Football Season Activities


 JV Pre-Game Meals:  We supply a simple sack meal to the JV team, and trainers before every game on Thursdays.

This sack meal contains:  Peanut butter & Jelly sandwich, Bag of chips, Granola bar, Fruit and a Bottle of water.
The Touchdown Club supplies everything needed to make these, a couple of FRESHMEN PARENTS are needed to put the sacks together and hand them out at school at 3:45 pm
  1. _____________________                    2. _____________________


Discount Cards:

Chair: ______________________

This committee is responsible for securing renewal and/or new sponsors on the Discount Card, ordering the new cards , collecting payment for the cards and distributing the cards to each player.


Game Day Program:

Chair: ________________________

Volunteers(2):  1) _____________________        2)__________________________

The program book includes photos, rosters, game schedule, coaching information, and ADS!  The committee is responsible for collecting the ad information (via the website), designing the book, managing printing and organizing selling and distribution of the program books.


Picture Day:

Chair: ______________________

Volunteer (1): _________________

Team and individual pictures are taken for the Program Book.  The collection of money and any Senior banner/fathead order that was not done through the website. Helping organize the players into their class pictures.  Once pictures are received, they will be handed out at the first available time to the players.  Banners and fatheads will be picked up and distributed at the Touchdown Club Trailer before the first game.


Spirit Night:

Chair: ________________

Spirit Night is the kickoff event of the season.  Responsibilities include coordinating Football, Cheerleaders, Band and Chiefettes to participate in the activities that night and community leaders.


Varsity Game Day Meals:

Chair: ____________________

Volunteers (3) 1. _________________  2. _________________   3. ___________________
Before every Varsity game a pre-game meal is supplied for the players.  These people are responsible for picking up the food and drinks and then distributing the meals in the school cafeteria.


Senior Banners: Senior Parents

Senior Banners are stored in the Touchdown Club trailer and are hung up and taken down by the Seniors parents for all home games.


Spirit Wear Table:

Chair: ____________________

Volunteers (4) 1.___________ 2. _____________ 3. ___________ 4. _____________
The Spirit Wear Chairman selects the items to sell at home games, and will keep track of merchandise sales.  The volunteers will work with the chair for setup/take down of the Spirit Wear table and selling before and during the game.


Chain Gang:

Chair: ____________________

Volunteers (3 JV & 3 V; 1 alternate each)

The chain gang manages the 10 yard marker post and the down marker box for every home game for JV & Varsity games.  To sign up to help with this follow this Signup Genusis link:

JV Chain Gang                               Varsity Chain Gang


Tailgate Parties:

Chair: _____________________

Volunteers (4-5)  1._______ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. _________ 5. _________
These people will be incharge of purchasing the main entree (burgers/hotdogs), setting up and taking down the Touchdown Club Tent, setting up the Signup Genusis for each tailgate asking for sides, and desserts.  Tailgates are generally before each Varsity home game.  Setup starts at 5:30 and clean up should be done around 7:15 so everyone will have the chance to see the game.


Referee/Press box Meals:

Chairs: _______________________

Volunteers (1-2) 1. ______________               2. ________________

The Referees and Press Box crew have a room available to them for before and during half-time of the game.  Meals are picked up from the Varsity Game Meals chair and taken up to the room.  After the game, clean up of the room is required.


Post Game Snacks (for away games only):

Chair: _________________

Volunteers (2-3): 1. ___________ 2. __________ 3. _____________

When we have away games that are considered a long distance, we provide the players with a snack for the ride home.  This includes making and distributing the snacks and drinks after these few games.


Senior Night:

Chair: ________________________

Volunteers (4) 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________
This night involves working with Band, Cheerleaders and Chiefette parents to decorate the stadium for all Seniors.  This is always the last home game of the season and we want to make this their special night.


Youth Night:  Chair, Aude Stewart

Volunteers (3)  1. ______________          2. __________________     3. ________________
Fayette County Football Association gathers the Youth Football players and Youth Cheerleaders to participate in the pre-game activities .  General activities include help keep the kids in a specific aread, providing a list of the participates for the announcer to read and getting them lined up for a hand slap when the Chiefs come out to take the field.


Football Banquet:

Chair: ___________________________

Volunteers (6) 1. _______ 2. ______ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. _________
The banquet at the end of the season is to honor the graduating Seniors and recognize the Junior, Sophomore & Freshmen players.  Setup is on the Sunday afternoon before the banquet on Monday night in the Auditorium.  There will be refreshments following the banquet out in the lobby to the gym.


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