Multiple Teams · Players need to electronically sign the player Contract

Players need to electronically sign the player Contract

Players Contract

All Players, please sign
    I Agree To 1. Attend every practice and contest, unless! Inform the coach in advance of my absence and have permission to miss. 2. Give support and show respect to my teammates, coaches, administrators, and game officials. 3. Emphasize academics and family first. 4. I will express myself intelligently and appropriately understanding I represent my family, school, and team. 5. Work hard in practice with the right attitude. 6. Practice sportsmanship at all times. Champions do not brag or make excuses. 7. Strive to be a positive influence in the way I talk and listen to my teammates, parents, and coaches. 8. I will know and follow the principles established in the McIntosh Soccer C.R.E.E.D. 9. One rule to follow: I will not do anything to hurt myself or my teammates. 10. I will not post about the team or teammates’ personal information on social media. Including players, students, coaches, or administration at McIntosh or other schools. I will not participate in any media formats that bash others. Nor will I join in social media platforms to discuss players or team business outside the ones established by the coaches.